Saturday, September 12, 2009

how to drive your husband crazy in bed and Learn What Things Men like in Bed

Is your sex life boring? Is your husband or partner loosing interest in having sex? Do you want to be able to attract sexually every man you want? If your answer is yes, lady, this article is for you.

What can we do to make ourselves sexually attractive to men and drive him crazy ?

1) First, it depends of what is what we are looking for. If we are looking to improve our sexual relationship with our husband or boyfriend, we need to open our eyes and ears and OBSERVE. After a long time of being together, we start to just assume what our partners like. We loose perspective, and sexual interest. And people change with time, as well, and they change what they like sexually. Observing your partner reactions when you are watching a porno movie, or listening his comments while he watches TV, can hive you clues of what he really would like to have in his sex life.

2) Men are basically visual creatures. This means that what they see turns them on; they have immediate sexual reactions when they are visually stimulated. That is the reason most of them loose their minds when we use sexy lingerie. It must be a remain of the cultural stereotype of the Playboy naughty girl; they love to see us dress up with lace and satin.

Following that idea that men are turned on by visual ways, we must play with the concept; Try to be with him at the bathroom at the same time, and start applying a fragrant lotion to yourself, very casually. Do it slowly, caressing your body. Your man will go crazy seeing you touching your body, and he will love that you look oblivious of the effect you are causing on him. You can take it farther, and masturbate in front of him. Men LOVE TO SEE women enjoying sex, loosing control. One of the big turn ons for them is to see us having orgasms. And if we moan, scream and scratch them, even better, they will be all over us in a heart beat.

3) Dare to role play with your partner. Dress up like a nurse, a sexy bunny or a French maid, and wait for him to come home after work. (yes, you have to find a place for your children to spend the night). Don't be afraid of having sex in the middle of the living room, the changes of scenery will increase the sexual excitement. TALK DIRTY to him, and encourage him to do the same. He will feel as he is with a hungry tigress, and he will be very turned on.

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4) Use edibles. Edible products to play before sex are very useful. You can find them at any sex shop. Men need to be stimulated, and taste is a sense they love to use to be sexually turned on. Apply some edible product in strategic areas of your body, and make him find it. Or apply it on him, and eat it.

5) Men love oral sex. That is a surely way to make them enjoy sex. You can rent a couple of porno movies to learn some techniques to give oral sex, and even you can practice with a dildo. If you don't like the taste, don't hesitate to use some product that enhances men sensitivity in the penis area at the same time that masks the taste.

If we want to attract men to have a one nigh stand, we must be confident and show a sexy attitude. It is anything wrong with wanting to have sex, and we can look for a partner. Use pheromones to attract men, dress sexy but in a way that is comfortable for you and go for it. Men really like sexy women that do what they want.

Men love to have sex, this is a fact, so we only need to find the specific thing our men like the most, and go for it.

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